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What is CCTV? 

CCTV means 'Closed Circuit Television'. CCTV system is used to monitor and record the activities in an area for the purpose of safety and protection of property and persons. 

What are the features of a CCTV system? 

The main features of any CCTV are surveillance, recording and playback. CCTV surveillance enables the viewing of footages from CCTV cameras via one or more CCTV monitors. CCTV recording is the process of storing footages from CCTV cameras on a Digital Video Recorder, for instant or future playback and or back up. 

Why do I need a Security CCTV System? 

CCTV helps to protect your home, business and staff, it is a visible deterrent against theft and vandalism. CCTV can also be useful in home security to monitor and protect the drive and gardens. CCTV footage can be invaluable in the identification and prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes. 

How do I choose the right CCTV?

The choice of a CCTV system will depend on your needs and your budget. we work with you to consider the cameras and recording media suitable to your requirements. Our systems offer great value for money with systems designed to suit all budgets.

Digital recordings in high-resolution 
Time and date stamped, which can be stored off site so any evidence collected will not be at risk of removal from site.

Access your security camera
over the internet using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Anti-vandalism cameras 
robust enough to prevent attacks from anyone attempting to disable the equipment.

Night vision cameras 
provide excellent footage in low light conditions, without the need to install additional lighting.

Motorised cameras 
provide CCTV operators with the ability to track and monitor activity from a remote location, without drawing attention to the subject being watched.

Hidden surveillance cameras 
may be installed in addition or as an alternative to visible CCTV equipment where the property owner wants to monitor criminal activity by thieves who will try to avoid openly visible CCTV equipment. This is often used in businesses reacting to theft by employees who will have a better understanding of what coverage their CCTV cameras have. Hidden cameras can be installed outside of normal business hours and also use a separate feed to either a home or internet based device so only the business owner is aware of the cameras and able to access the footage.

Motion detection cameras 
can be triggered by movement so areas of low traffic can be set to only record data should movement be detected. This saves on recording capacity, and the time required by operators to search through footage for evidence. Locations suited to this type of set up would include car parks, rural homes and farms.